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How Can we Help You?

  • Where can I find PRANA communities?
    ATM our houses are located at: - Indianapolis, IN - Oklahoma City, OK
  • How is PRANA different from other halfway houses?
    Our residents are super important and we put them first.  Every resident gets the best of us.  Our houses are not just "beds", our residents get more than that and we always try to bring more services for you.
  • Do you have available beds?
    First thing first did you fill the application form? our team will contact you soon and will interview you. 95% of the times we will have a bed available for you because we have more than one location in your city.
  • Do you accept Recovery Works (For our Indiana residents)?
    We sure do! Our houses are INARR certified and we are accepting Recovery Works. Please contact your case manager and start the your application with Pace if you are eligible!
  • Do you accept scolarship from OKARR (For our Oklahoma residents)?
    We sure do! We are OKARR certified and if you are eligible for the scolarship, pls ask your house manager to apply for it and we will take care of it for you!
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