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Meet the Team

Talented Professionals Working Towards One Goal

Matt Pazzerelli

cory prana.jpeg

Executive Assistant

Matt is the heart and soul of PRANA Indianapolis. Matt oversees the day to day activities at all the different homes and takes care of the residents and staff with kindness, love and respect.

Cory Garrard

cory prana (2).jpeg

House Manager

Cory started in our sober community as a resident. As the weeks went by and Cory stayed sober we understood that his kind and gentle personality should be leading residents.  Cory became a house manager and we know he will continue to grow with us.

Robert Coldiron

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Idit Yunji

Yair Yunji

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Since 2020, Yair helped shape the success of our business.His creativity helps us design the vision and our business development.

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