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Would Living in a Sober House Help My Recovery?

We always say that it is a journey to recovery, sometimes this journey has lots of obstacles, we can over come these obstacles if we have the right support or environment.

Sober living facilities are group homes for individuals who have recently completed a substance abuse and/ or addiction treatment program that wish to move into transitional housing prior to returning home.

Road to recovery
Road To Recovery

Instead of immediately returning home, sober living homes offer a drug and alcohol-free community environment that provides a greater level of support to enable its residents to continue integrating the newly learned tools and skills related to becoming self-reliant while maintaining sobriety.

We have house rules that our residents has to apply to them, these rules give the residents framework. Every sober living facility has its own set of house rules, expectations of its residents, fees, and requirements.

At PRANA house we offer different amenities, so one would be able to stay in our community. we don't impose a time limit for our residents, and we enable them to stay for as long as they need, provided they are able to pay for their stay and adhere to the rules and regulations of the facility.

The purpose of a sober living house is to enable its residents take the necessary preparatory steps to fully reintegrate into society and further strengthen a foundation of recovery to enable prolonged and sustained sobriety.

Every person that has successfully completed a formal substance abuse and/ or addiction treatment program should have a customized aftercare plan that includes various relapse prevention methods. Residing in a group home that is made up of individuals with shared goal helps our residents to stay sober.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding PRANA House.


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