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Mat Pazzarelli - Program manager talks about his addiction and his struggle.‏

Mat - our program manager at Prana Sober Living Indianapolis - was interviewed to a local podcast named: Faith in your recovery by Randy Davis. in the next couple of weeks we will add the 3 parts of this open conversation about his addiction and his struggles.

Mat Pazzarelli
Mat Pazzarelli

Part 1:

John Franzese, Jr. was a former member of the New York City Columbo crime family and son of New York City's former mob boss, John "Sonny" Franzese, Sr. John's early life was filled with power, privilege, lavish wealth, hanging with notables and was followed by addiction, homelessness and struggle.

When John's dad was in his 90's, he made the tough decision to become an FBI informant and his testimony in court sent his father to prison for eight plus years. Shortly after Sonny was released at the age 100, the two met and both forgave the other.

After years in the witness protection program, thus the name Mat Pazzarelli, John left its protection to tell his recovery story.

Part 2:

In this episode, Mat shares pieces of his fifteen years in the Mafia. Then he tells of his fall into addiction, personal losses, homelessness and moments of recognition of God's intervention. His story goes from a life of lavish living to subway survival and eventually restoration. Mat's open, casual and real approach to his interviews will make you go back to the pervious episode. Next week, Mat wraps this up by telling us how he found forgiveness, reconciliation and renewed HOPE.


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